Ufficio primo


Ufficio Primo, located on 62 Wspólna Street in Warsaw, is an area of sheer luxury, which combines a unique style with prestige. Unprecedented A+ quality confirms the exceptional character of the building. The uniqueness combines here with functionality and Renaissance style fits in perfectly to the modern. Ufficio Primo offers 6 000 m2 of intimate, tasteful area, intriguing in every detail composition, which provides business with an exceptional setting and unprecedented atmosphere.

The building is equipped with the state of the art heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, lifts and a modern security systems. Technical installation and structural network allow flexible modification of the space configuration. The office space is spread over six above grade floors. The two underground levels serve as a multi-functional Conference Center. The tenants also have at their disposal 30 above-ground parking spaces in front of the building and parking spaces in the underground garage, located in the building next door.

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Only true elegance can survive the test of time. The Ufficio Primo edifice, situated in the very heart of Warsaw, is a truly unparalleled pearl of Polish post-war architecture.

The building, constructed in the 50-ies of the 20th century, initially meant to be the seat of the Presidium of the Government, houses many tasteful, unique solutions, inspired by the Italian Renaissance. Thanks to restoration and modernization works it gained an unprecedented image, and new business-related functions which add another intriguing character.







Kulczyk Holding, a group of companies created by Mr. Jan Kulczyk, PhD, which for 20 years has been shaping the history of the Polish economy. At the same time, it has taken patronage over national treasures of culture. Thanks to Mr. Kulczyk’s endeavours, a collection of works of the most prominent Polish painters, including Jan Matejko, Jacek Malczewski and Leon Wyczółkowski, were deposited in Warsaw and Cracow museums and became accessible to a broad public. Moreover, the investor co-financed the creation of the quadriga on the façade of the Grand Theatre in Warsaw. The walls of Mr. Kulczyk’s edifices are decorated with canvases and sculptures of contemporary Polish artists: Jerzy Nowosielski, Franciszek Starowieyski and the sculptor Barbara Falender. Kulczyk Holding is also a founder of prizes and scholarships, and takes an active part in key events in the Polish culture. As the owner of several extraordinary and prestigious buildings in Warsaw, Mr. Jan Kulczyk strives to make them become the pride of the capital and its inhabitants. He renovates buildings of historical value, restores them to the city, simultaneously introducing state of the art technical solutions. Modernization of the edifice at 62 Wspólna Str. is yet another initiative which will add a unique office and artistic space to the map of the capital city. 










The central part of the Ufficio Primo edifice is its spectacular patio - internal courtyard covered with a futuristic dome. The interiors are decorated with galleries inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The floor, made of black granite with elements of cream limestone, forms a stylized, geometrical pattern.

Representative patio serves tenants of the building and is also used as a place of cultural events that require an elegant and unconventional surrounding. 









The original details decorating the interiors of Ufficio Primo were be carefully restored and highlighted. Renovation works covered the galleries inspired by the Italian Renaissance: decorated bases and capitals of columns, stylish balustrades and decorative doors made of patinated oak wood with raised portals, forming a rhythmic pattern in each of the storeys. Flights of stone stairs and winding staircases were also renovated, and the skylights in the monumental dome crowning the patio regained their former glory.